Glück auf der Steiger kommt - Bagpipe - German Song (by BagpiperGermany)

schon angezuent, das gibt ein schein….

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“In my career, I have made maybe two or three fouls that I say are dirty fouls and not correct,” Jones says. He is sitting in a chair in the lobby of the USA’s hotel here ahead of Friday’s World Cup qualifier against Jamaica. “It’s the same at my club. When you have four players in front of you who attack with you but who don’t come back [and defend] with you, they leave you alone and I always have to break the game down and stop it so they can come back.

“Sometimes the [fans] say, ‘What are you doing? Why do you get so many yellow cards?’ But when the others score the goals, they don’t say, ‘You made the [expletive] work so they can make the goal.’ When you play [as a holding midfielder], you know you have that [expletive] position and nobody talks about you, they talk about the strikers. But you make the most work for everybody and need to play them the ball to make the goal. That’s a part of what we do and that’s okay.”

Jones’ tendency to the dirty work may be overlooked by fans. But it doesn’t go unnoticed by others on the US national team.

Is Jermaine Jones misunderstood [Fox Soccer Exclusive]

The thankless job of a holding midfielder.

Footy love, nikhak 

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never overlooked by myself, mostly because it’s the position i play. every team needs blue collar workers, bad guys, soldiers (pardon the usage). i about never score, but i will hold up play, make a professional foul, or release the pressure on the back line.

Jermaine is my favorite USMNT player and mos def my favorite Schalker. i’ve never once heard him speak English, but i don’t care. after David Regis, it’s nice that we have people with American lineage on the national Mannschaft. 

and let’s be real: the other team needs someone to be afraid of.

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Chants and songs, pt 1

Soccer chanting and singing has always been a source of entertainment and fascination for me. How they come to being, why fans use them, when they use them, and lyrical content are all quite varied. Part of the fascination comes from being an American observing far-off cultures enjoying something they’re passionate about. Part is also from being a musician/history nerd.

So, we’ll start as far back as possible. The Canaries of Norwich City FC have been singing “On The Ball, City” since the club’s inception in 1902. The song originated in the 1890s, and in all honesty, is amazing. For Michiganders, this is very similar to "The Victors" in heritage. The chant is obviously abbreviated from the original, but still just as enjoyable.

In Germany, the other country who’s soccering culture I follow, there are many traditional songs still used and Fangesaenger (crowd songs) like the “Beer Barrel Polka” for instance. My personal favorite is FC Schalke 04’s use of Das Steigerlied, the foreman’s song. This was a sung by miners wishing each other good luck during a hard days work. “Glueck auf,” equivalent to “good luck” in America, was an acknowledgement of the danger of their work. Schalke adopted this song to honor is coal mining heritage along with their nickname, Die Knappen. The club offical anthem, "Blau und Weiss, wie lieb ich dich" was adopted 1934 and originates from a song written in 1797!

next time, we’ll discuss pop culture favorites and chart toppers like “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” “Blue Moon,” and this beauty from FC United of Manchester.

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You love Eintracht Frankfurt, you just don’t know it yet


By Ross Dunbar

It is not even Halloween, yet Eintracht Frankfurt are already writing their name into the Bundesliga record books. Last Friday evening, they became the first newly-promoted side to win their first four matches in the league. On Wednesday, which the Germans are describing as an “English week” due to the hectic midweek schedule, they produced an inspiring second-half performance to draw 3-3 with champions Borussia Dortmund at the Commerzbank Arena.

The Bundesliga table makes attractive reading for die Adler, as they sit in second-place behind the dominant FC Bayern who currently have a 100% record in the Bundesliga.

Head coach Armin Veh is an experienced-timer in the German game. He is a pragmatist, yet knows the importance of attacking football. His managerial career has gone from clinching the German championship in his 125-game spell at VfB Stuttgart to creating conflict at board-level and subsequently being sacked at Hamburg. The experience of being able to handle so many difficult situations - and some positive ones, too - can only be a reliable factor for Eintracht in their return to the top-flight.

The 51-year-old even recalls watching the legendary Johan Cruyff and the Dutch ‘Totalvoetbaal” style of the 1970s. “It’s always impressive to see how they have the ball in runs, with a lot of creativity.” Veh told BILD last week. “It’s something I like to remember. And to this day, it is still wonderful to see and very successful.”

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finally have a home club to rep.


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