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Posted 2 weeks ago

The clocks have gone forward in Europe and it can only mean one thing – in leagues across the continent, it’s business time. In England, the surprise package of the season Liverpool are now riding high at the top of the league with goals flying in from all angles, while in Spain Atletico Madrid find themselves in the peculiar position of being third favourites to take the crown despite currently being a point clear at the top of the table.

Elsewhere, MLS is now in full swing. The Honeymoon might just be over for Toronto FC, but it just keeps on going for the Columbus Crew, and there’s also a new franchise owner who’s been trying to lure a certain Brazilian across the pond via a contract clause and… social media.

If you thought things were warming up in Europe, then they’re about to hit boiling point in Australia where the play-offs are almost upon us. We’ll be discussing the possibility of a shootout between two A-League heavyweights – Alessandro Del Piero and Emile Heskey, as well as looking at the career of Harry Kewell, who’s just hung up his boots.

And then there’s the small matter of a brand new European international tournament to fill the void that often appears during a year that ends in an odd number. Could UEFA’s League of Nations be a masterstroke by Michel Platini, or a very complicated way to expel the meaningless friendly from the international arena?

This week’s top snap on the #whereisfootball Instagram project comes courtesy of Chris Cloud, whose fantastic shot of Joel Lindpere’s ‘Red Seat’ at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey will now be gracing the pod’s cover art for the next seven days.

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my ranking of people i hate playing soccer against

  1. divers
  2. nut shot artists
  3. the dude that bodies you up, but complains when you tackle the ball away (
  4. the guy with no shirt, that also doesn’t own soap or deodorant
  5. black non-Americans that hate when i play THEIR sport (welcome to Detroit, we do it all.)
Posted 1 month ago

On today’s Football Weekly, AC Jimbo has Philippe Auclair, Simon Burnton and Barry Glendenning in situ to give the hot talk on the weekend in the wide world of football.

We start with the fun and games at Old Trafford, where Liverpool, much to everyone’s delight, gave Manchester United a right old tonking. Can Liverpool go on to win the Premier League title? And will a bad week get worse for David Moyes and United when they try to claw back a two-goal deficit in the Champions League at home to Olympiakos? (Inevitably, yes.)

Also in the podcast, we look back on Arsenal’s victory in the North London derby and praise Fulham for finally starting to perform like they’re in a relegation fight.

Finally, we round up all the news that’s fit to print from around Europe - including Scotland, where it’s a first trophy in 18 years for Aberdeen. Does anyone have a number for Derek McInnes?

Rafa Honigstein and James Horncastle will be with us on Thursday after a whirlwind 24 hours in Dublin, featuring our live Q and A in front of 500 fans. Should be interesting…

Posted 1 month ago

With Jersey Week in MLS now in full swing, this week’s podcast is getting into the spirit of things by delving into the delights of the highest footballing fashion that 2014 has had to offer so far. We’re talking Portland’s exquisite third kit, San Jose’s 40th anniversary rebrand, as well as the finest kits that will be gracing this summer’s World Cup. And once again, the Dutch have not let us down.

Speaking of Brazil 2014, with only 100 days to go until the tournament kicks off we’ll be taking a peek across the Atlantic to see how preparations are going, check up on the wrangles between the host cities and FIFA, and discuss the air conditioning requirements of an airport terminal that consists of a canvas tent.

Back in Europe, we’ll also be looking at why Alan Pardew could soon be the technical area’s worst enemy, a fiery Madrid derby, the continued domination of Bayern’s winning machine in the Bundesliga, and how Manchester City claimed the first piece of silverware of the English season.

The finest snap to grace the #whereisfootball Instagram project this week was this shot of Western Sydney Wanderers in Asian Champions League action, courtesy of user bachelorpaad. As per usual, it will now become the podcast’s cover art and Twitter avatar for the next week. Make sure you keep uploading photos – next week, it could be you.

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Allez Le Rouge!

Allez Le Rouge!

Posted 1 month ago

a great idea from Neil Day, former Clapton FC manager.

I would like to start by again thanking all concerned for the wonderful support which has continued despite not being officially part of the Management Set Up. It has been a pleasure to stand with the Ultras and quite frankly I was lost for words at the fantastic Support received at Cricklefields last Saturday.

 After seeing the fantastic response to the recent events it was in my mind to try do something to make a positive impact and in the meantime show the entity which passes as the  Clapton ‘Club’ just what an impact the supporters can make. With this in mind I have come up with a suggestion which will hopefully prove worthwhile and raise the profile of both Clapton and Tower Hamlets F.C.

 In a nutshell my suggestion is to try attract a large attendance for the league at this Saturday’s game at Tower Hamlet’s with a part of the gate going towards the ‘Homeless’ charity, money raised would be distributed in line with the wishes of our very own Billy Wise, a player I have personally loved coaching and for whom I think we can all relate to his story.

 Having spent a fantastic year coaching Tower Hamlets (when Bethnal Green) Utd i knew they were a team that would also embrace this idea. Many thanks to AJ, Adam and Nural at Tower Hamlets for helping to make this a possibility and for very positive comments towards the Clapton fans and team.

 As for details, all gate monies over a 100 fans will go directly to Billy to use within Homeless organisations as he deems fit (I will be checking he doesn’t go to the tattoo parlour with it, beyond that it is up to him)

 Hoping our fans will get behind the venture, and together we can show the good side of football at this level.

 Many thanks for reading and your continued support and hope to see you at Mile End Stadium in good voice. Please spread the word.

 Always a Ton


this is purely a supporter idea, not in any way connected to the club management. -DF

Posted 1 month ago

My reaction to hearing that Schürrle scored a hat trick.

Posted 1 month ago
My reaction to hearing that Schürrle scored A goal in the first place.

My reaction to hearing that Schürrle scored A goal in the first place.

Posted 3 months ago

In a week that has seen football lose one of its all-time greats, we’ll be taking a look at the dazzling career and life of the one and only Eusebio, including some of the tributes that have been paid to the man who scored more than a goal a game for his club side Benfica, and lit up the 1966 World Cup by becoming the tournament’s top scorer.

We’ll also be taking a look at the steps being taken by Real Madrid to banish far-right ultras from the Bernabeu, and get stuck right into AFR’s exceptionally well put together “Best Of Football Writing 2013”. As you can probably guess from the title, it’s a compilation of some of last year’s finest pieces of writing about the beautiful game from across the web, and you can check it out right here.

We’ve also got our first feature interview of 2014, which sees us talking to Serie A expert and author of “20 Great Italian Games” Giancarlo Rinaldi about the weekend’s top of the table clash between Juventus and Roma, Fiorentina’s bid for a Champions League spot, and of course, just what does the rest of the season hold for Queen of the South in the Scottish Championship?

This week’s finest and most fitting photo on the #whereisfootball Instagram project comes from AFR’s very own Dominic Vieira, who was in Benfica’s Estádio da Luz on Monday to witness Eusebio’s final lap of honour.

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the right to free speech, and the obligation to condemn hate speech.

disclaimer: this is an op/ed that does not reflect the views of anyone but myself. this is coming from the perspective of a black American man who has encountered his fair share of racial vitriol. but only a fraction of what my mom experienced, which was a fraction of what her mom saw. if you have any questions, please ask. 

the infamous quenelle is the product of a French satire comedian-turned right-wing extremist. almost like a bizzaro Jon Stewart on the wrong side of history. it has subtext in anti-Semetic leanings, likened to a reverse Nazi salute. in the aftermath of Anelkagate, at least two well known soccer players, Nasri and Sokho, have had photo evidence of the same salute come to light via social media. sort of like bigoted planking for millionaires. if Mr. M’Bala, the creator of this pose, is as famous as reports let on, these players know exactly what the meaning is. naturally, there’s no way to prove this, but ignorance can only go so far.

antisemitism seems to be the open wound that won’t heal for Europe. like America’s crumbling, yet still gasping for life, racial caste system, people are still reminded that we always have progress to make. if it’s not Ajax’s nickname, originally meant as a pejorative, or the “Y-word” controversy just a couple months ago, it’s CSKA Moscow’s supporters forgetting that the Nazis they salute burned their grandparents’ land down to cinders. to be fair, American TV stars equate fellow humans to beasts and worse, so we’re no better.

Anelka’s mistake wasn’t making the gesture. it’s not playing coy. it’s being stupid enough to do this in a game. if he holds the same political views as M’Bala, my guess is that something stupid would have happened anyway. but as an outside player now, no longer the superstar he once was, it wouldn’t have broken Twitter. with the English game broadcast across the planet, millions (ok, for a WBA match hundreds of thousands) have now Googled the salute. whether it’s “anti-system" or antisemitic i’m sure some Semites, and goyem, were involved with the system that got Nicolas Anelka PAID.

political statements in sporting arenas aren’t always bad, but one has to be prepared for the fall out. Tommie Smith and John Carlos knew what was going to happen when they did this. they were accused of being racist, because logically, if white power means screw everyone else, black power must mean the same thing (it doesn’t). with decades of hindsight, most can appreciate this for what it was: a need for the world to know that the United States was broken and killing its own people for not being white. i somehow doubt that’s what we saw this past weekend.

twenty-thirteen has be a pro class on racial impropriety, starting the Schalker Kevin-Prince Boateng being slurred off of the field at A FRIENDLY while playing with AC Milan. we’ve had partial stadium closure, bananas, weaksauce fines that don’t bother these clubs in the slightest, and still, we have a governing body that does absolutely nothing about it. oh yeah, everyone’s darling Suarez doesn’t talk to blacks. it seems some have forgotten.

if the quenelle means what some say it does, Nicolas Anelka needs to get the Paula Deen treatment. it’s unfathomable that hateful speech and actions could go unpunished in the public eye. bigotry cannot hide behind religion or “not knowing it would hurt so many feelings” (that’s for the blackface celebrities that creep up every Halloween) or “this is what we do all of the time in my country.”

where i live, you have the right to say whatever you want. but there are consequences we all face for that right. Mr. Anelka isn’t American, but i’m sure he still has some consequences coming his way.

John Brown II

Posted 4 months ago

In the last week, football in the US has received its fair share of drama – the national team was drawn in a ‘Group of death’ for the 2014 World Cup and we witnessed one of the most dramatic MLS Cup finals in recent memory. Who better to provide analysis than former USMNT international and Kansas defender Jimmy Conrad? Jimmy, who you can enjoy plenty more of on the brilliant Kick TV, told us about the unique experience of playing at a World Cup, as well as identifying the secrets of Sporting Kansas’ recent successes on and off the field.

That exclusive interview is accompanied by our very own debrief of the highly anticipated World Cup draw, including a look at the chances of the big boys – Brazil, Spain, Holland and Argentina. And, lest we forget, the official ball of the tournament was announced last week – we give our take on the ‘Brazuca’ and reminisce on our favourite World Cup balls.

All that plus a Bundesliga round-up, news of a goalkeeper joining WWE and our outrage that Zlatan has been snubbed for the Ballon d’Or shortlist.

Keep an ear out for next week’s Christmas Show Special, featuring a hint of cheap champagne, questionable festive jumpers and acclaimed journalist Guillem Balague, who will be discussing his new book, ‘Messi’ – an in-depth and illuminating study of the life of… well, the clue is in the name!

This week the #whereisfootball project takes us to the hills and mountainsn of Bhutan, where Yeji Hyun caught these breathtaking shots.

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Champions League

Chelsea FC v FC Schalke 04

Posted 4 months ago

that awkward moment when the punchline to your story deletes his Twitter account. check out this week’s Parody Tweet of the Week at Stupid Americans FC, along with other great writing and our podcast.

you can also witness me being the worst predictor of soccer games in recorded history.

Posted 4 months ago

With the world’s eyes turning to Brazil for this week’s World Cup draw, we’ll be discussing whether the country will in fact be ready to host 32 teams once next Summer comes round. After a series of missed deadlines, a tragic disaster at the stadium that’s due to host the opening match of the tournament, and the country attempting to construct more stadiums than it needs to, how much of a realistic possibility is it that everything won’t be completed in time?

Moving back across the Atlantic, we’ll also be profiling Fulham’s new boss (and his somewhat animalistic instincts), take a look at what has been dubbed the Football League’s “Black Monday”, and also check in on Serie A to see why the wheels are starting to come off for Roma, and how 12,000 school children have been putting Juventus’ ultras to shame.

This week’s feature interview is with sports and music writer, and AFR contributor, Aniefiok Ekpoudom. He’ll be chatting to us about the curious case of Southampton’s Gaston Ramirez, and telling us why a man who we’ll most likely see playing for Uruguay next Summer at the World Cup just can’t get a start in the Premier League. Aniefiok also has his own blog, which you can check out here.

Our favourite #whereisfootball photo this week is courtesy of Saf Hossain, whose sunset shot taken at Leyton Orient’s Brisbane Road will be adorning our cover art this week.

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